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Hearing Aid Brands

For those who have just begun to feel the effects of hearing loss and those who have been struggling to hear for some time, one tool can make all the difference in your quality of life: the hearing aid. But your hearing aid is only as helpful as it is suited to your individual needs, and only a professional audiologist has the expertise to help you make the right selection.

At Hearing Unlimited, we provide a wide selection of the best rated hearing aids available on the market. If you’ve never had a hearing aid before, our team of experienced audiologists can help guide you in determining the best hearing aid brands to suit your needs. If you’ve had experience with hearing aids in the past, we understand that you know what you like and dislike, and we’re here to listen before supplying you with the device you need.

Hearing loss is progressive, and allowing it to get worse without intervention puts you at risk for cognitive decline, falls, and many other dangerous scenarios. If you’re struggling with your hearing, don’t let anything stand in your way -- schedule your first appointment with Hearing Unlimited so we can fit you for the perfect hearing aid today.



Your Top Hearing Aid Center - Pittsburgh, PA

At Hearing Unlimited, we offer various hearing aid types to meet the wide range of needs our patients have regarding their hearing loss. Here are some of the major brands we provide:

  • Siemens hearing aid: Although most Siemens devices have been rebranded as Signia, Hearing Unlimited will still service your favorite Siemens hearing aid for the duration of its life!
  • Phonak hearing aids: If you’re a student, an educator, or frequently find yourself in group settings, Phonak may be the hearing aid for you. Phonak also offers Lyric devices, which are completely invisible hearing aids.
  • Widex hearing aids: Widex devices boast state-of-the-art designs and industry-leading technology. If you like the sound of a high-tech hearing aid that you can personalize using an app on your phone, Widex may be for you.
  • Oticon hearing aid: If you’re looking for a hearing aid that offers you crystal-clear speech processing and reduction of background noise, an Oticon device will be a great fit.
  • Starkey hearing aid: The assistive features present in Starkey devices are great for aging adults. The latest models feature fall detection and the ability to connect to Amazon Alexa in case of an emergency.
  • ReSound hearing aid: ReSound devices come in loads of fun colors and styles, allowing you to customize the look of your hearing aid.

Many of these brands provide Bluetooth hearing aids that are compatible with the Bluetooth functionality of any Apple device, allowing you to connect your hearing aid to your phone or laptop.

Choosing the Best Hearing Aid Brand for You

Finding the right hearing aid brand for you is an extremely important part of your journey to better hearing, but it’s far from your last. Hearing aids need maintenance, cleaning, and repairs, and each brand will have its own quirks when it comes to keeping your device working properly.

The team at Hearing Unlimited offers all of these services to you throughout the duration of your device’s life. We’ll also ensure that your hearing aid fits you appropriately, and provide you with the appropriate batteries for your device. Some of the hearing aids we offer are even rechargeable, and we’re happy to help you with any questions or troubleshooting regarding your device’s charging mechanism.

Ready to be fitted with the perfect brand of hearing aid to change your life for the better? Now’s the time to reach out to Hearing Unlimited. Use our scheduling tool to make your first appointment with us and get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the brands listed above the only ones you offer

Nope! We offer a number of additional hearing aid brands at Hearing Unlimited, including:

  • Bernafon 
  • Interton
  • Rexton
  • SeboTek
  • Sonic 
  • Unitron 

What if I’m interested in a hearing aid brand not listed here?

If you’re interested in a brand you don’t see listed, let us know! We’re happy to discuss your options with you during your appointment

Do I have to schedule a full appointment just to get new batteries?

You do not! Our battery hotline is available for you to let us know you need new batteries without having to schedule a full appointment. You can fill out your order form online, then simply pick up your batteries curbside at our office once they arrive.