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Unlimited Service Promise

You have taken the first step toward a better quality of life and in keeping your brain active through improved hearing. Now it is paramount that, together, we ensure your hearing health for years to come. Our Unlimited Service Promise is a comprehensive set of benefits available to every one of our patients who receives audiology and hearing aid services.

When you purchase hearing aids from the hearing care center at Hearing Unlimited, you will receive a number of benefits, including:

  1. Ready Access: Five convenient, expertly-staffed and full-time locations, as well as We Come to You house calls.
  2. Professional Communication: Our courteous team available by phone, text, email or provider telehealth visits and wholly supported by our informative website www.hearingunlimited.NET.
  3. Hearing Health Education: Clear explanations about how hearing loss relates to common medical conditions including the risk of falls, dementia, diabetes, tinnitus or vision loss and why effective treatment is vital.
  4. Complete Audiology Evaluation: Personal plans of care developed with evidence- based exams. Like fingerprints, everyone’s hearing is different and by thoroughly understanding yours, our prescribed solutions will be the best fit.
  5. 7-Day Test Drive: While in-clinic testing is crucial, we encourage you to enjoy taking new technology home. During activities of daily living, you will delight in rediscovering precious sounds and naturally experiencing positive changes.
  6. Verified Prescriptions: Like reading eye charts at vision health exams, real ear measurements, the Gold Standard of audiological care, precisely match hearing aid fittings to your unique prescription’s listening targets.
  7. Hear for Life Program: A holistic approach to personalized management of hearing loss via brain retraining therapies, listening partnership strategies, practical counseling and Communication Wellness.
  8. Hearing Aid Maintenance Plan: With pride of ownership, quarterly schedules for proactive cleaning and skilled technical consultations make sure devices operate at peak performance levels for many years.
  9. Hearing Aid Batteries: With proper selection, guidance and our Battery Hotline 412.342.4677, you will be reliably powered-up, with considerable savings.
  10. Annual Hearing Aid Demonstrations: When new devices, software updates or advanced features are discovered, sharing is caring and we practice The Golden Rule.

Don’t settle for an audiology practice that isn’t ready to stand by you at every step of your journey to better hearing. Schedule your first consultation with Hearing Unlimited in Pittsburgh to learn more about becoming a patient and taking the first step toward communication wellness with our comprehensive hearing care solutions.

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Top Comprehensive Hearing Care Solutions In Pittsburgh, PA

Curious about how these benefits will affect you and your hearing health? Here are a few more details about what we provide at Hearing Unlimited and what they mean for your communication wellness in the long run:

  • FREE Hearing Aid Batteries: Research has found that to keep your brain healthy and active you must wear your hearing aids on average of 8 hours per day. We want to help you achieve this goal by providing you easy access to your hearing aid batteries.
  • FREE Electronic Hearing Aid Cleanings: Our specially trained Audiology Technicians are always available to keep your hearing aids performing optimally. Regularly scheduled electronic cleanings can reduce repairs and help extend the overall life of your hearing aids.
  • Prescription Testing on All Hearing Aids: Using the latest Audiological equipment, this testing, known as Real Ear Measurements, verifies that your Hearing Aids accurately match your individual hearing loss prescription to ensure accurate stimulation to your ears and brain.
  • Ongoing Aural Rehabilitation: Very similar to the rehabilitation required after a broken bone, or after suffering a stroke, your hearing nerve needs to be rehabilitated. Our trained staff will create a personalized rehabilitation plan for reintroducing your ears and more importantly, your brain, to everyday sounds.
  • Annual Comprehensive Audiology testing: As part of our commitment, we will provide you with continued testing to monitor any changes to your hearing and your brain’s ability to process speech on an annual basis.
  • Annual Hearing Aid Demonstrations: Our care continues as your hearing needs change, lifestyle changes and as technology advances. We promise to educate you and let you listen to the latest hearing instruments on a regular basis as the technology continues to evolve and improve.

At Hearing Unlimited, nothing is more important to us than the continued health of your hearing, and we’re committed to offering you as many benefits as possible to help you stay well. If you’re interested in becoming one of our valued patients, schedule your first consultation with us today.