Our Offices & Locations


5171 Liberty Avenue
Liberty Square
Pittsburgh, PA 15224    

Phone: (412) 683-4550 


Allegheny Valley Office

1600 Pacific Avenue
Plaza Professional Suites
Natrona Heights, PA 15065

Phone: (412) 683-4550 


Blawnox Office

121 Freeport Road
Suite 200
Blawnox, PA 15238

Phone: (412) 683-4550 


Bloomfield Office

5171 Liberty Avenue
Liberty Square
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Phone: (412) 683-4550 


Butler Office

480 East Jefferson Street
Suite F
Butler, PA 16001

Phone: (724) 856-7055


Ellwood City Office

1677 State Route 65
Ellwood City, PA 16117

Phone: (724) 856-7055 


Jefferson Hills Office

1200 Brooks Lane
Suite 285
Clairton, PA 15025

Phone: (412) 384-1644


McKeesport Office

500 Hospital Way
Painter Building (3rd Floor), Suite 7
McKeesport, PA 15132

Phone: (412) 683-4550


Monongahela Office

1029 Country Club Road
Suite 204
Monongahela, PA 15063

Phone: (412) 683-4550


Monroeville Office

2690 Monroeville Boulevard
Monroeville, PA 15146

Phone: (412) 683-4550


New Castle Office

29 East North Street
Suite 203
New Castle, PA 16101

Phone: (724) 856-7055


The Center for Diabetes and Endocrine Health - Bloomfield

5140 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Phone: (412) 578-1724


The Center for Diabetes and Endocrine Health - Forbes

2566 Haymaker Road
Suite 314
Monroeville, PA 15146
Phone: (412) 858-4474

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I get a copy of my health record?

The privacy of your health information is a top priority at PINE so we will not send your medical records without your written consent.  You may phone our office to make a request and we will mail you a form that is simple to complete. Simply return the form by mail or drop it off at one of our many locations.

  1. Why do some patients get called back for their appointment ahead of others who arrived before them?

Our PINE doctors see patients for an assortment of health problems. Most times there are multiple doctors in one office.

  1. Do I have to pay at the time of visit?

Yes. We accept patients with insurance and self-pay patients. In almost all cases, some payment is required at the visit, whether it is a deductible, a co-pay, or a past due balence. The amount, if any, depends on the insurance carrier. For your convenience, PINE accept cash, personal checks, money orders, and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express).

  1. Do PINE’s doctors make in-home visits?

No, not at this time.

  1. What should I do if I miss my appointment?  

We ask that you call our office during regular office hours (8 AM - 5 PM Monday through Friday) and explain that you have missed your appointment and discuss rescheduling the appointment. Please keep in mind that this will appear as a No Show appointment unless notification occurs within 2 hours prior to your appointment.

  1. Will someone call to remind me of my appointment?

Yes. An automated phone system will call 1 week prior to your scheduled appointment.

  1. Who can I call with a billing question?

You can call 412-683-3833 from 8am to 4pm. If no one answers, your call will be directed to the billing voicemail and your call will be returned the next business day.



What Exciting News!


Our McKeesport Office has Moved!!

We are now located on the 3rd floor of the Painter building.


Please watch this video concerning new Medicare Card information.


Dr. Rajupet Transition Letter


I wanted to make you aware of a change to my schedule that will begin in January.  I will no longer be following patients in the AHN Forbes Center for Diabetes and Endocrine Health.  I will be available to continue your care in my Partners In Nephrology & Endocrinology (PINE) office located in Monroeville.


If you would like to move your care to the PINE office, please contact my office at 412-683-4550.  The staff in the Call Center will work with you to schedule your appointments with me.  My office is located at 2690 Monroeville Blvd., Monroeville, PA  15146.  The office is next to the Monroeville Municipal Building.  There is a large parking lot in front of the building with easy access to the office.  Parking is free. 


I would also like to introduce you to Naomi Anderson, PA-C and Linda Michalski, CRNP.  I work very closely with each of these clinicians which will provide you with additional access to care in the Monroeville office.   I believe you will find both to be knowledgeable and compassionate Providers. 


I am also available for office visits in my PINE Allegheny Valley office at 1600 Pacific Avenue, Natrona Heights, PA  15065.  Please call 412-683-4550 to schedule an appointment with me at this office.  If the New Kensington area is convenient for you please consider an appointment with me at AHN New Kensington Center for Diabetes and Endocrine Health at 356 Freeport St., New Kensington, PA  15068.  The phone number is 724-367-2400.  Your medical records will be transferred to the Monroeville, Natrona Heights or New Kensington office depending on your selection.


No matter which office you choose, the staff and I are looking forward to continuing your care in a seamless manner. 


Best wishes for your health and happiness into the New Year.


Kamala Rajupet, M.D.



New Physician Assistant

Please Welcome PINE’s newest Endocrinology Physician Assistant Naomi Anderson, PA-C. Naomi will be seeing patients in our Monroeville and Allegheny Valley Offices.

Patient Forms

Please print and complete the following packet before your first visit: 

New Patient Packet coming soon!

Freqently Asked Questions

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Patient Resources

Partners in Nephrology and Endocrinology conducts clinical trials and works with industry leaders including Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly on the development of medications to treat Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes

Dr Bononi.jpg


Dr. Patricia Lynn Bononi, MD, FACP has been conducting clinical trials at PINE for over 8 years.





Melissa Bain, RN serves as the Research Coordinator for clinical trials at PINE. 


Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about clinical trials at PINE:


What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are carefully designed research studies that evaluate new treatments for diseases such as Type 2 diabetes. They are based on rules and guidelines known as “protocol.” The protocol describes what type of patients may particpate in the clinical trial, schedules of tests and procedures, drugs and dosages, and the length of the study.

Before new drug therapies are approved, they must be proven to be both safe and effective by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A new drug goes through three phases of clinical trials where volunteers are given study medical under close supervision of a doctor:

Phase I: Testing in a small group of people (20-100) to evaluate a drug’s safety, dosage, and potential side effects. 

Phase II: Testing in 100-500 people to further evaluate a drug’s safety and effectiveness.

Phase III: Testing in 1,000-5,000 people to confirm a drug’s effectiveness, monitor side effects, and compare it to other approved treatments.

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What are the benefits of participating in a clinical trial?

People volunteer for a number of reasons to participate in a clinical study:

  • Advance science for more effective treatments to help others
  • Benefit from potentially new treatment approaches for their disease condition
  • Access better or more regular medical care
  • Receive some or all medications free of charge

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Should I participate in a Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials certainly have the potential to benefit you. It is important, though, to talk to the doctor about the potential risks that may be involved in a particular clinical trial as well. Discussing the benefits and risk of a clinical trial is part of the “Informed Consent” process, which helps protect you, the potential volunteer. 

Researchers must provide a full written description of the clinical trial for you to read and sign before you agree to participate in a clinical trial.

Studies show that most clinical trial volunteers have a positive experience because they are not only helping themselves, but more importantly, are helping others by contributing towards the development of new treatments for diseases such as Type II diabetes. 

All study medication and related care (physical exams and blood tests) are provided at no cost to participants.  

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Who approves clinical trials?

Visit www.clinicaltrials.gov to find the approved study information.

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What clinical trials are currently ongoing at PINE?

Do you have Type 1 Diabetes?  We are conducting PRONTO-T1D research study that determines if an investigational mealtime ‘ultra-rapid’ insulin helps control the blood sugar level of people with Type 1 Diabetes. We are seeking adults with Type 1 Diabetes who are currently using multiple daily injections of insulin. Qualified participants will receive study-related care and investigational medication from at no cost, and will receive compensation for their time. Please contact Melissa Bain, RN at mbain@pinemd.com or by phone at 412-894-2444.


Do you have Type 2 Diabetes?  A research study, PRONTO-T2D sponsored by Eli Lilly and Company is now underway to evaluate an investigational, mealtime Ultra Rapid Insulin, and study participants with Type 2 Diabetes are needed. This study is evaluating how well the investigational Ultra Rapid Insulin controls blood sugar after meals. We are seeking adults with Type 2 Diabetes who are currently using multiple daily injections of insulin.  Qualified participants will receive all study related care and study medication at no cost. Compensation will also be provided. Please contact Melissa Bain, RN at mbain@pinemd.com or by phone at 412-894-2444.

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What is it like to participate in a clinical trial at PINE?

All patients in clinical trials are carefully monitored by a RN and MD and all study medications and related care during the study are provided at no cost to the patient. 

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Phone Number: (412) 683-4550 

Fax Number: (412) 246-4567 

Billing Phone Number: (412) 683-3833
Our billing staff will be happy to assist you between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm.

When leaving a voicemail, please include your name, account number, and callback number. We do our best to return calls on the next business day.

Prescriptions Refills can be made via the PINE Patient Portal or by calling (412) 683-4550. Only emergency prescription refills will be made between Friday at 4:30 pm and Monday at 8:00 am. 

For more information about our Call Center or Triage Center,  please view our PINE Call Center and Triage Center Brochure

Career Opportunities: To apply please send cover letter and resume to Lisa Simonton at lsimonton@pinemd.com


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